Summer Resolutions 2018

It has been a while since I blog 😥

A lot has happened in the last six months.

I started working for an English company based in London as a remote developer; I always wanted to work with a complete distributed team. The experience was great it gave me the flexibility I was looking for, and I never felt lonely or running a solo mission against the code.

Is true that some things could have been improved, like the communication channels or how often we would hang out, but hey nothing is perfect.

The summer has ended, and now some changes are coming.

I had the great opportunity to come to Montreal, Canada to work for Shopify as a production engineer. As you can imagine I took the chance without blinking.

After some thoughts about my current situation, I decided to level up my game and start getting more serious with the way I face new opportunities for learn (As I predict there are going to be a lot 🎉 with my new role).

I decided that I will try blogging as much as possible and sharing what I learn in this new stage. That way I’m sure I will improve writing skills, and I will have an archive that I can always come back looking for answers. Following this train of thought I will read more books but not only programming books, looks like is an incredible habit that can affect not only your professional life but your personal life as well. Here is an excellent article about that subject.

I’m going to listen more and try not to shout out everything that pops into my head, or at least I’m going to think about it twice 🧐.

Also, I want to learn a new programming language, one that is not similar to Ruby I was thinking maybe Rust or Go that way I can learn new concepts and possibly bring them to my daily job.

Not to forget to keep helping as much as possible with OSS especially with dry-rb, rom-rb and Hanami but keeping an eye open for new an exciting projects.

I know the list above is not small or simple to achieve, on top of that there has to be room for social life and daily exercise, I need to find an agenda that works with me. (I will share it once I find out 😁)

I will keep everyone posted.

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