Back from summer resolution

After a long vacation, I came with a lot of energy and new goals for the new year.

So I decided that I’m going to start making things right, been a developer is not always easy, you have to continuosly update your knowledge and keep practicing even outside office hours. Don’t get me wrong I love coding but there are days or weeks that I’m more lazy than usual.

To solve this situation I’m going to start using somo Todo App for managing my free time, and create a timetible of small but doable goals.

Here is a list of some of my goals:

  1. Blog once a week:

    • The post don’t need to be extremly technical, but the idea is to blog about something that I learn new every week, maybe is a new Design Pattern or just a new way of dealing with stress.
  2. Learn Elixir.

  3. Learn React.

  4. Learn new way of improve my ruby skills:

    • Lately I’ve been reading a lot about using Functional Programming with OO principles. So I have an eye on the great work of Piotr Solnica. I will try to create a couple of gems following this new dry-rb concepts.

So hope you guys come join me in this new year of goals and challenges.

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